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tiistai 28. lokakuuta 2014

Fatso Jetson: Live at Maximum Festival

Go Down Records (GOD090)

This is the second live album by Fatso Jetson, veterans of the Palm Desert, California stoner rock scene. The album was recorded in Italy in May the 1st 2013, and released only on green (it figures…) vinyl. The sound quality is excellent and the band kicks ass live. The set list includes some songs from the classic SST albums (“Nightmares Are Essential”, “Salt Chunk Mary”, “Orgy Porky”, “Bored Stiff”), a few songs from the third album Toasted (released in 1998, the encore “Magma”, “Too Many Skulls” and the instrumental “Tutta Dorma”) as well as a song called “Flesh Trap Blues”.

The playing and singing is fluent and the band seems to be enjoying themselves. I’m sure that so was the audience! Sometimes the band gets more progressive (like on “Nightmares Are Essential”), and they’ve also got some Blue Öyster Cult and even punk vibes bringing to mind The Dead Kennedys or something like that. Fatso Jetson really aren’t that psychedelic except at times when they take time to jam a bit later on in the set, but they rock out and kick ass. A must have for all the Fatso Jetson fans!

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