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keskiviikko 9. marraskuuta 2022

Thought Bubble - Nowhere

 Echodelic Records (ECHODELIC020)

This is the new, great album by UK-based duo Thought Bubble. I have previously reviewed their debut album Around from last year, check it out here. Chris and Nick continue in the same vein with putting together psychedelic, electronic soundscapes with live drums in a rather unique style. We also get some cool male spoken word/samples on the hypnotic "Superficial" and trippy "Control Your Own Story". Fans of Fruits de Mer have probably heard the great opener "Now Boarding" on the Sound Clouds compilation 2CD just before Astral Magic's "Land of Mu". I've had the privilege of sharing spots with them on another compilation, the Bandcamp-only The Flash Benefit Comp., Volume 1, so our paths are connected, even if by mere accident...

There are eight tracks on the limited, very tasty looking purple vinyl and digital download. Nothing too lenghty, the longest piece being the aforementioned "Superficial". I don't really know how to describe the duo's music, but there are definitely some elements of krautrock in there, but without the guitars or bass. It's also pretty weird and somewhat experimental, but still rather easily enjoyable end not TOO strange. There also some guests on "Response", "Propulsion" and "Cloudbursting". All in all, a very interesting and original album that I'm sure a lot of people with soft spot for more electronic styled psych music will enjoy. Great cover art to boost! Check it out.


keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2022

Astral Magic - Apparition's Breath limited CD and digital album coming up this Friday!


It's another Bandcamp Friday again this Friday (Nov 4th), which means another new Astral Magic release. This time it's (again?) something pretty different, meaning spoken word and acid guitar work on top of electronic, hypnotic soundscapes. Shane Beck, aka The Last American Poet makes his debut as an Astral Magic collaborator while Jonathan Segel has been a steady participant for a long time now.

The CD, limited to just 100 copies, is a continuous 49-min trip with eleven parts of "Apparition's Breath", on the digital download the parts had to be divided for more fluent play on digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Youtube.

The cover artwork is based on the original digital image made for this project by British artist Andy Wainwright.

The Space Crew:

Santtu Laakso - all music, synthesizers, beats, mixing and cover design.
Shane Beck (The Last American Poet) - all poems and spoken word.
Jonathan Segel - guitar, violin & mastering.

Original cover picture by Andy Wainwright.

If you want to secure a copy on Friday, please head to:

All peace to you, galactic
brothers and sisters.


tiistai 1. marraskuuta 2022

Tribe of Cro - Hydroculture

 Adansonia Records (AR 046)

Tribe of Cro was one of the best instrumental, jam-based psychedelic space rock bands in the 90s. They were formed in Belgium with also some British members, including ex-Mandragora and future Hawkwind bassist/guitarist Nial Hone on guitar. The band released three great albums in the 90s, Potlatch LP on the German label Mushroom Runner Records in 1996, also in 96 a CD Sporadic Spiro-Gyra on Hawkwind's Emergency Broadcast System and another CD Hydroculture on their own U.F. Cro Records in 1998. The band used to support Hawkwind during these times and also played for example at the at the 2003 Hawkfest. I did not hear from them for a few years but in 2007 and 2008 a couple of digital releases were appeared out of the blue. Then, after another hiatus of many years, they now have a brand-new 24-minute recording "Force Orbit" on their Bandcamp site. So it seems they are active again which, I think, is great!

I remember in the mid to late 90s how much it sucked when my favourite bands started to release their new albums only on CD. I was a total vinyl freak back then, but also bought the CDs when I had to. Still do, if that is the only option. I'm so happy that some of those psychedelic masterpieces from decades ago are now being released on LP as they should have been in the first place! This is the right format for sure. Hydroculture is composed of 11 tracks that are all instrumental apart from some sampled, manipulated words every now and then. The band has a pretty original style, they don't sound like Hawkwind or anybody else, for that matter. This album has long, rather slow space jams, ultra-psychedelic experimental pieces and also some more rocking stuff for a great, trippy balance. The darkest, most psychedelic passages might be too much for some, but the psych heads will enjoy the whole trip, I'm sure. The new vinyl master by DJM sounds incredible so this is a must-have for all the lovers of freaky, spacey, mostly improvisation-based psych rock. I hope that the band will release some new stuff on vinyl as well soon!