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torstai 29. elokuuta 2013


 The web site will be terminated next month. It's been online since 2001, and it's been fun doing it. There's just not that much going on there anymore (except for the occasional reviews and news) and the club has been on hiatus for some time now, so we feel it's not worth it to keep the site online since it costs and needs work.

We have saved all the data from Psychotropic Zone and we wish we can put it somewhere someday as an archive, so that people can still find the stuff through Google etc. We are working on this and are up for suggestions!

I will still be writing reviews and, if I have some spare time at some point, also live reports and interviews, but everything from now on will only be posted to my blog (only in English) at:

All Peace to You, Galactic Brothers and Sisters.


DJ Astro

keskiviikko 28. elokuuta 2013

DJ Astro's hotlist

White Hills: So You Are... So You’ll Be LP + 12"
Master Musicians of Bukkake: Far West LP
Causa Sui: Euporie Tide 2LP
Eat Lights Become Lights: Modular Living LP
Saint Vitus: C.O.D. 2LP
Saint Vitus: Die Healing LP
Seremonia: Ovi 7"
Various Artists: A Fruits de Mer Collection – Plankton LP + 7"
Me and My Kites with Tony Durant of Fichsia: S/T 7"
Stay: Mersey Dream 7"

tiistai 27. elokuuta 2013

Pagan Altar (UK), Tombstoned & Dj Astro 5.9.2013 @ Kuudes Linja!

The legendary doom/NWOBHM band Pagan Altar returns to Finland on September the 5th for a one-off gig at Kuudes Linja in Helsinki.

19:00 doors open, Dj Astro
19:30 Tombstoned
20:30 Pagan Altar


Facebook event

keskiviikko 14. elokuuta 2013

Astral Visions Radio Show #43 online

Astral Visions Radio Show - Music from Psychotropic Zone, is hosted by DJ Astro

Playlist #43:

Beautify Junkyards - "Radioactivity" (from forthcoming S/T album)
The Lucid Dream - "A Mind at Ease Is a Mind at Play" (from So...ngs of Lies and Deceit)
The Oscillation - "Kissing the Sun" (from V/A: Travel Expop Series #2: Great Britain)
Mugstar - "Bardo Head Finder” (from V/A: Travel Expop Series #2: Great Britain)
The Seventh Ring of Saturn - "Alice Sunshine" (from S/T)
Spirits Burning & Clearlight - "Healing Power of Magnets" (from Healthy Music in Large Doses)
Mmoss & Quilt - "Sandy" (from New Hampshire Freaks split 10”)
Vespero - "Red Pitfalls" (from Droga)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. "In Search of the Lost Divine Arc” (from In Search of the Lost Divine Arc)
Spacelords – “Apeman (Live)” (from Live @ Psychedelic Network Festival)
Causa Sui – “Euporie” (from Euporie Tide)
Jay Tausig - "Blood and Bone" (from Scorpio: Water Dragon and Fire Bird)
White Hills - "Forever in Space (Enlightened)" (from So You Are…So You'll Be)
Sendelica - "Tinsel Tears" (from Kaleidoscopic Kat and Its Autoscopic Ego)
Blood Ceremony- "Goodbye Gemini" (from The Eldritch Dark)
Beautify Junkyards - "Ask Me No Questions" (from forthcoming S/T album)