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sunnuntai 2. huhtikuuta 2023

nick nicely - Afterworld

 Fruits de Mer Records (crustacean 97)

I've been a nick nicely fan for twenty years now but he started his career already in the beginning of the 80s with two legendary singles, DCT Dreams and Hilly Fields (1892). He has always had an unique style to combine synth pop with deranged psych rock arrangements. He did not release any albums until 2003 when the great Psychotropia compilation was put out on vinyl by Tenth Planet. Another compilation followed in 2011 as well as a brand new tape album Lysergia, and then Fruits of the Mer started to release singles and EP's by him. There were also two new albums, Space of a Second (2014) and Sleep Safari (2017), all great stuff.

Afterworld is an album of vintage demos and outtakes, so it's like in between a compilation and a new studio album. So yes, we do have previously heard tracks like "DCT Dreams" and "Rosemary's Eys", but they do sound different to the previously released versions. Then there are lots of unheard demos and abandoned projects like "Eels", "Gallery" and "Shadows in the Sun" and early versions etc. All in all, it all sounds excellent and very exciting so wether you consider this as a new album or compilation it is really great! It all shows how much time, experimenting, effort and energy nick puts in his music. I just love his sound and vibe, sometimes dreamy and beautiful, sometimes freaky and even mental. There are no dull moments on this album and I'm sure all nicely fans will love it. Even if you have never heard of nick or  his music this is just as fine place to start as any other. Warmly recommended! You can get it from the Fruits de Mer website (UK) or Shiny Beast (EU & the rest of the world).