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sunnuntai 29. syyskuuta 2019

September hotlist

Early Autumn has been pretty hot...

Lumerians - Yellow Cake 7”
The Myrrors ‎– Black Sand: Live In London
Comacozer ‎– Mydriasis
Acid Rooster ‎– S/T
Hawkestrel - The Future Is Us
Earthling Society ‎– Sci-Fi Hi-Fi (new vinyl version)
Kozmotron ‎– ¿Qual?
Ecstatic Vision ‎– For The Masses
Alan Davey's Psychedelic Warlords ‎– Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters Live!
Alan Davey's Psychedelic Warlords ‎– Hall Of The Mountain Grill Live (London 2014)

Cool stuff once again! Have a nice Autumn everyone.


Sendelica ‎– Cromlech Chronicles IV: The Door Into Summer 2LP

Fruits de Mer Records ‎(Winkle 37)

This is the latest studio album by Welch psychedelic space rockers Sendelica and the fourth and final part in the Cromlech Chronicles series. Pete, Glenda & co have established themselves as one of the most prolific and experienced modern bands in their field which is something to be proud of. This time the band's annual pilgrimage to Mwnci Studio in Wales resulted in four long, mellow and trippy tracks that fill in three sides of the double album. The fourth side has a unique UV printing on it that looks really cool and is something I've never seen before!

The 19-minute "Lightstar" starts off with some soulful sax by Lee and slowly builds up into a dreamy, summerly jam. As the promo sheet states, this album has a bit of late 60s/early 70s West Coast vibe to it. This is very mellow, pleasant and sort of spiritual stuff, just close your eyes and enjoy. The 23-minute "Saturnalia" leads us into this ancient pagan celebration in a hypnotic manner. After the little faster beginning it has a similar, peaceful vibe than its predecessor. Very nice! On side three we've got "Nine Miles High - Lightstar Reprise" and finally the heavier space rocking starts. At the start they of course loan a bit from The Byrds classic "Eight Miles High" but then just take it one mile higher! Later on they go back to the original theme and after some guitar feedback the track turns into "Lightstar (Reprise)" with some more cool mid-tempo jam rock. Another killer album by Sendelica although not necessarily one of their best or most inspired. This is still available so get your copy now!

London Underground ‎– Space Edition 2LP

GaGeGi Records / Fruits de Mer Records ‎(CRUSTACEAN 89)

London Underground are an Italian beat/pop/prog/psych rock band formed in 1998. They have released four CD's in between 2000 and 2018, and Space Edition is their first vinyl outing. On the first LP you can find a slightly reprogrammed version of their latest, instrumental album Four and the second LP is comprised of stuff lifted from the three other albums, so this release in in fact a compilation. And a really good one as it is! I had never heard of these groovy progsters before and am enjoying their sounds a lot.

The first three tracks "Billy Silver", "Three Men Job" and "At Home" are all rather peaceful, soulful and chilled-out, very nice and smooth. I can find some Pink Floyd vibes but not just that. I love especially the use of organ and synthesizers. "The Comete" has more of a smokey, jazzy feel to it, very groovy but still mellow. "What I Say" sounds like some long forgotten late 60s prog/jazz fusion band jamming, cool. "Ray Ban" is another jazzy, groovy piece and "Tropic of Capricorn" written by Brian Auger is a clear indication where a big part of their inspiration must come from. Very nice! The over 7-minute "Jam" ends the first LP in a marvellous way with some pretty intense playing by the whole band.

"Fanfare" is a heavy prog Arthur Brown cover and works really well here as well. The older London Underground songs usually are shorter and also have vocals. "Squadron Leader" is a pop/mod styled energetic and happy song, "Mass Babtizer" a bit more progressive and interesting for me. "Can't Find the Reason" (originally by Crane/Farlow) is a beautiful, peaceful track and then it's time for another burning, funky, jazzy Brian Auger cover "Ellis Island". "Everything Is Coming to an End" has a bit of The Who vibe I guess, not bad at all. One of my favourites is the next piece "Honey Drops" that has a hypnotic, instrumental groove going on with some great Mellotron etc. "Dharma for One" is of course a Jethro Tull cover but the band more like make it their own. Arzachel is one of the best 60's psych rock bands and their "Queen St. Gang" one of the most idyllic instrumentals of that time. Here London Underground makes a bit like a trip hop version of it and I like the update. The energetic jam "Faster and Faster" ends the album and makes you want to hear more. This is real killer package of groovy, psychy, jazzy, proggy moods inspired from the late 60s / early 70s but updated to our age in a very successful manner. Dig it! The album was sold-out on preorder, but if you are lucky, you can still find a copy...

perjantai 13. syyskuuta 2019

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Sulfur (from S7T)
Acid Rooster
Can't Get There (from Can't Get There 12" EP)
Minami Deutsch
Suolaulu (from Suolaulu / Sininen 8")
Phil Mitchell'd (from Zero Fucks 10" EP)
Turn The Tide (from A Prayer for the Birds)
Crystal Jacqueline
The Sea (from NYX)
Shut Up and Drive (from For The Masses)
Ecstatic Vision
Tellus (from The Hägersten Sessions )
Svenska Psykvänner
SurRaelism (from The Ascended Master Teachings Of...)
Junzo Suzuki & Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska
VI.I (from VI)
Grinder (from Pi)
Nazca Space Fox
Jupiter Rising (from Blood and Wine)
Mars (from XX)
Defining Moments (from V/A: From A Distant Shore)
Internal Planet
The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke) - Live (from Hall Of The Mountain Grill Live)
Alan Davey's Psychedelic Warlords
Magnetic (from Always Already Here)
Jonas Munk & Nicklas Sørensen
In Between Times (from V/A: From A Distant Shore)
Us & Them