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keskiviikko 16. elokuuta 2023

Astral Magic news!



It's been a while since I have posted any Astral Magic news, so a lot to tell again...

Since Am I Dreaming? LP/CD/download  released 5.5.2023 there are three new albums out!


Cosmic Energy Flow was released on CD limited to 100 copies on May 27th. The CD version also includes the 7" single Remember Your Roots / Psychic Resistance as bonus tracks (your only way to get the full version of the A side!). This is proper psychedelic space rock album featuring the late Nik Turner and other UK space/psych rock legends Kev Ellis, Stefan Olesinski and Christina Poupoutsi along with Russian guitarist Ilya Lipkin. Not that many copies left, so please hurry!

Vortex of Eternal Light is a more electronic album that was put together rather fast with Jonathan Segel (guitars, violin) and Shane Beck (spoken word). This was a limited edition CD-R (only 50 home-made), and rather tasty if I may say so myself. Hypnotic, trippy and spacey stuff, also including some proggy elements! Released on my birthday 30th of May...

Experiences in Hyperspace has been a long time in the making. Well, in Astral Magic terms at least. After some alterations the album was finally ready and released again on limited edition CD on July the 7th. We have on board the spaceship Jaire Pätäri (Octopus Syng, sitar), Jonathan Segel (guitars, violin) and a new collaborator Marc Paskvan (spoken word). The one-hour album has a great mix of hard-hitting space rock, electronic stuff, experimental soundscapes, prog and even pop elements. I'm very proud of this one!

The intense release schedule is also planned to continue... The next album Balance of Oblivion will be out this Friday 18.08.! Again, limited CD put together with the amazing Jonathan Segel (guitars, lap steel, mandolin, bouzouki, violin, theremin) and Shane Beck (spoken word). A rather different album in my mind, but probably everyone will compare it to Hawkwind once again...

All cover art on these four albums is by the brilliant Andy Wainwright, I'm so happy I found him from the Cosmos.

What else is new are the three different Astral Magic T-shirts now available from Skull Print in the UK! So thrilled about this. Designed by Andy Wainwright as well.

One of the designs, Cosmic Man, also available form the Astral Magic Bandcamp site in tiny quantities:

 All Peace to You, Galactic Brothers and Sisters!