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tiistai 11. kesäkuuta 2013

Astral Visions #41 online now!

Astral Visions #41 playlist:

The Bevis Frond - "Begone" (from White Numbers)
 Giobia - "Electric Light" (from Introducing Night Sound)
 Pyramidal - "Sons of Light" (from Frozen Galaxies)
 Lumerians - "Dogon Genesis” (from The High Frontier)
 Golden Void - "Rise to the Out of Reach" (from Rise to the Out of Reach / Smiling Raven 7”)
 Suns of Thyme - "Soma (God for Gods)" (from Fortune, Shelter, Love, and Cure)
 Albino Rhino - "Master Kush" (from Return of the Goddess)
 Eleven Sun - "Flies" (from Fertile Soil)
 Toner Low "Eight” (from III)
 Beaulieu Porch – “Golda 2003” (from We Are Beautiful)
 Soft Hearted Scientists – “Panorama” (from False Lights)
 Me and My Kites - "Was It Like a Dream" (from Like a Dream Back Then)
 Carpet - "Elysian Pleasures" (from S/T)
 Postures - "Solipse" (from S/T)
 Earthling Society- "Desolation" (from Zodiak)
 Palemoon feat. Nik Turner - "Colour of Your Blood" (from S/T)
 Hawkwind – “The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon (Deadstock 33s Edit)” (from free download)
 Dreadlock Tales – “Shiva Shambho Dub” (from Gravity Equals Love)
 The Higher Craft – “Terminator” (from Solar Tides)

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