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perjantai 31. maaliskuuta 2023

Albino Rhinö - Return to to Core

 Space Rock Productions (SRP078)

This is the third full-lenght album by Helsinki-based psychedelic stoner/doom metal trio Albino Rhinö. They also have one mini album, one EP and one split EP with Morbid Evils, for all you completists. All worth getting. This time we only have one long track, "Return to the Core", that is split in two parts for the limited vinyl issue (152 x black, 153 x silver). There are also 200 CD copies in digisleeve.

Early 90's Finnish psych/prog/classic rock trio Kingston Wall is having somekind of renaissance (again) with another book and remixed versions of their albums (hell, even online courses on how to play guitar like Petri Walli!). They have had their influence on a lot of great Finnish music since their demise from Amorphis to Hidria Spacefolk and beyond, and that goes for Albinö Rhino as well. At least I'm very much reminded of the KW on the cool 3/4 groove at the beginning with all the acoustic and electric guitars, killer bass lines and tight drum beat, even the deep vocals. To add some more psychedelic levels, Scott Heller aka Dr Space plays some synthesizer effects all around to a great effect. Slowly the track gets heavier, and before the 10-minute-marker also the stoner doom fans will have their heads nodding to the beat. Now this reminds me of Colour Haze or even Sleep or Om or something. Very cool! These lighter and heavier parts continue and you will be on a great trip for 35 min 35 seconds. The sound is really excellent and the art work very well planned too, so what can I say: another very successful release by Albinö Rhino and Space Rock Produstions as well. Get it!

Øresund Space Collective – Live At Roadburn 2010 2CD/DVD

Space Rock Productions (SPR079)

Most die-hard OSC vinyl fans might already have the 2LP version of this great gig at Roadburn 2010 when the volcano in Island erupted... Phew. That will be something to remember, by the way. The gig was also shot on video, but that has not been free for publishing until now. So what a great time to reissue this as a 2CD/DVD including the whole show!

This show has been one of the top ones of all the OSC gigs I've went to. The vibe is just superb, even with a litte smaller jam group than some other times! Just six guys but that is certainly enough with this kinds of virtuosity and emotion. Sometimes the band just flies in the best Gong/Ozrics style and blow your mind, at times they cool down perfectly. The sound as well and picture quality on the discs are super, so I warmly recommend getting one of these rare beauties (200 copies) before they're gone!


maanantai 20. maaliskuuta 2023

Cosmic Cassiopeia - Music for Later Night Listeners

 Not on Label (OSC2022-LS012)

Cosmis Cassiopeia is a new jam project by Dr Space aka Scott Heller. This debut album made together with his previous Alien Planet Trip collaborator Daniel Lars was created in 2021 and already released a year ago but I just recently reveived a copy, so let's just dive deep into space!

Therea are eight reasonable length, instrumental tracks on the CD. You can clearly hear that espcecially the ones started by Scott with synths are very much improvised on the spot. Some of the tracks have more structure and also programmed beats like the excellent "Bear Romber Stromper", some just float in space without much form or rhyhthm. Daniel plays some great solos that give the album a bit more proggy edge. I like it! The programmed drums could have been better constructed for example on "Sweeping Klaus's Patio", though. All in all, a pretty constant package of trippy space rock sounds and beats, worth getting for sure!