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tiistai 26. kesäkuuta 2018

Hotlist June

The weather in Helsinki hasn't been THAT hot lately, but the music on my turntable has:

Various Artists ‎– Goldfish, Fruits de Mer Records 10 Years on Vinyl 3LP + 7".
Wooden Shjips ‎– V.
Flowers Must Die ‎– Där Blommor Dör
Dark Buddha Rising ‎– II 12"
Moths & Locusts Cocaine Kangaroo​/​Peyote Coyote 7" + CD-R
Pharaoh Overlord ‎– Zero
Here Lies Man ‎– You Will Know Nothing
Cosmic Ground ‎– IV
Gnod ‎– Chapel Perilous
Ecstatic Vision ‎– Under The Influence 12" EP


maanantai 25. kesäkuuta 2018

Cosmic Ground - IV

Adansonia Records (ar025)

Electric Orange's Dirk Jan Müller keeps himself busy with his Berlin-school styled kosmische electronic/ambient solo project Cosmic Ground. This 2LP is the project's fourth studio full-length release and includes seven new instrumental, atmospheric and mostly rather minimal tracks. There are also a few EP's and a double live album. As always, you can hear echoes of the old electronic kosmische masters like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, but Cosmic Ground still have its own taste and the amazing sound is rather modern. For example the opener "Possessed" brings to mind some of the experimental ambient acts of today rather than the electronic krautrock legends of the past.

This time, I will not go through all the long tracks here. I tend to prefer the ones with hypnotic, tingling sequencers like "Stained", "Greasy" and "Progeny". You really need to listen to this amazing album on good headphones in vertical position with your eyes closed and mind opened for the best results. Just let these wonderful sounds float through your consciousness and take you through strange spaces. I bet you can't find much better cosmic electronic music out there these days. There is a CD as well as two different 2LP versions with the hand-numbered white/green version being the more limited at just 110 copies. Go for it!

torstai 21. kesäkuuta 2018

Pelagos - Revolve

Svart Records

Pelagos is a new Finnish indie rock band formed by Teemu Elo, Petri Hagner and Janne Peltomäki who all were members of the Pori-based cult band Circle in the 90s. Their music is rather different to what Circle has ever done, though. Only the hypnotic elements are similar, but the vibe is much lighter, more atmospheric, electronic and pop-like. Most of the tracks are also rather melancholic. This is their first album following a few digital releases and a compilation cassette.

The album starts off with the very tranquil and beautiful "Code" that has celestial synths, pretty picked guitar and vocoder styled vocals. You get the feeling of flying above a vast ocean on the wings of a seagull. For the last two minutes we also get hypnotic bass and beat as well as some more tasty guitar. Wonderful! "River (Proxima Centauri)" has some late Spacemen 3 / Depeche Mode vibe and but more melody as well. This just might get you dancing. "Island of Pelicans" is one of the most Circle-like tracks but lighter and more mainstream in its sonic structure. Very nice! The instrumental "Aphrodite’s Shore" reminds me of Depeche Mode again a bit and the more acoustic "Invisible" sounds closer to some of Teemu Elo's previous bands like Alien Heat and Puhuvat Eläimet. The vocals are very manipulated and computerized, though. "Sea of Tranquility" is a very emotional, melancholic slow track. The shortest piece on the album is the beautiful and soft "Muted Stars" at 4:27. The last, very atmospheric track "Embryo" is the longest at 7:41 and you can sense some Spacemen 3 vibe in there again. Palagos definitely offers some of the best hypnotic, melancholic modern pop music there is and Revolve is a very enjoyable album that should appeal to fans of several different music styles.

keskiviikko 20. kesäkuuta 2018

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lauantai 9. kesäkuuta 2018

Pharaoh Overlord - Zero

Hydra Head Records / Full Contact Records (hh666-225 / KRYPT-122)

"Muscülar avant äcid röck from the ever-topical Circle camp" indeed. As always, the Pharaoh Overlords buys have something new in their sleeve. This time it's the growling vocals of Antti Boman from death metal band Demilich. The music still is hypnotic, psychedelic and powerful krautrock, though. Faust's Hans Joachim Irmler has worked with the band before but is definitely worth mentioning as well.

The album starts off with the cover of Spacemen 3's marvellous and rebellious "Revolution". Die-hard Pharaoh Overlords fans have already heard the band's live version of this track on Horn, a live album recorded at Torvi, Lahti in 2010, but this new studio version is pretty different. And highly effective, I must add! Antti's guttural vocals and added keyboards also give it a whole new vibe. "Maailmanlopun Ateriana" is a cool track with hypnotic krautrock stuff and heavier, more in-your-face parts, it gets you in a heady trance. Then it's time to get more experimental with the slower but no less trippy "Meanwhile". "Lalibela Cannot Spell Zero" is the longest track on the album at nine minutes and it's an up-beat, Circle-like motoric juggernaut that shows no mercy. Your brains will melt during this one! It's good to have a few moments to breath with "Satavuotiaiden Salaisuus", but the atmosphere is rather wicked and twisted. The album is finished with another mind-blowing fast hard rocker "I Drove All Night by My Solar Stomp" that is one of the highlights for me. Lot's of stuff happening on this one on top of the steady basic riff. All in all, another magnificent and hyper-strong album by Pharaoh Overlord. This is absolutely one of their best releases, if not THE best, so go and get it!