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tiistai 23. marraskuuta 2021

The Fisheads - Pleasant Valley Sunday/ Let's Get Together 7" + CD

 Fruits de Mer Records (crustacean 95)


This is the last FdM release in 2021 and should be out just before Christmas. It is a sort of return to the roots of the label since it includes two 60s classics. So who are The Fisheads, you might ask? It's a sort of Fruits de Mer super band, we could say. Put together by Astralasia's Swordfish the musicians include Anton Barbeau, Crystal Jackqueline, Icarus Peel etc. The single does not sound like Astralasia at all, it's pure blissful 60s psych pop/rock. The bonus CD will probably include more trance-inducing mixes by Swordfish, I presume, but it was not included in the promo package so I can't say for sure.

Okay, what about the 7" tracks? "Pleasant Valley Sunday" is a nice The Monkees song and I just love this version! Nothing too psychy or trippy, just good vibes and lots of positive energy. On the B side we've got another 60s anthem "Lets' Get Together" (Chet Powers). This version is a lot faster than the original The Yougblood folk rock version that you might have heard on numerous 60s compilations but also excellent. The message from the Summer of Love is more needed now than ever... The track has also been recorded by Jefferson Airplane among others but has not worn out in any way. Anyway, it works really well as a fast psych pop piece as well. Astralasia has also been pre-selling a special version of this release but they seem to be sold out, and FdM will only be selling that version to the UK customers, but this standard 7" + CD is available to EU citizens etc. for example from Shiny Beast. HIGHly recommended!


maanantai 1. marraskuuta 2021

Elara Sunstreak Band - Vostok 1

Sulatron Records (ST 2104) 

Elara Sunstreak Band is a progressive, heavy stoner/psych rock power trio from Germany. I had never heard of them before I received this tasty 2LP from Sulatron Records as a promo, but I like them immediately. One of the four side-long tracks, the title track "Vostok 1" also features Hammod organ and Mellotron, otherwise it's just guitar/bass/drums and vocals. I'm a bit reminded of bands like Samsara Blues Experiment. Sometimes the most melodic parts of the music get closer to indie rock and at their dreamiest they sound like post rock. This is not overtly psychedelic or trippy or even spacey album but it has great atmospheres and the guys really can play and sing too. In summary, a very pleasant and cool album, check it out!