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maanantai 29. tammikuuta 2024

Doctors of Space - A Change of Labcoat

 Doctors of Space Music (DOS-006)

Yahoo, a new album by the spacey doctors from Northern Portugal! The good doctors Space and Weaver and here helped by their assistant Hasse Horrigmoe on guitar, mix an mastering on the third track. I like the title of the albun that maybe refers to the fact that Martin Weaver is not playing guitars or bass in this project anymore, just drum machines and synths. Scott gets to play his new toys Hammond XB-2 and Mellotron, and they sure sound great. Of course modular and other synths are also operated to reach the full out-in-space experience.

We have five, long and improvisation-based instrumental tracks that sometimes have repetitive, hypnotic grooves and sometimes just float in the ether in trippy, experimental and ambient way. "Forward Thinking" even sounds like primitive techno... I love every moment of it so 70 minutes go in a flash. The sound is really great, I think. Very cool stuff!


Øresund Space Collective - The Linquini Sessions

 Self Released (OSC2023-LS016)

I guess this is the latest OSC release and initially the limited edition CD was only available for the Bandcamp describers (something I might also have to figure out for Astral Magic?). Anyway, as a long-time friend of Scott Heller aka Dr Space I've been following the saga of the space ship OSC since the beginning and the band never stops to blow my mind!


You would think that if the band has to go back to 2016 jams in Denmark to gather  stuff for a CD there would only be some mediocre left-overs available. But no, this is pure killer psychedelic space rock! The band on this release was: Tim Wallander - drums, Magnus Hannibal - guitar, synthesizer (1, 3), Hasse Horrigmoe - bass (1), guitar (2), Jonathan Segel - lap steel, farfisa, violin, guitar, KG Westman - guitar (1, 2), synthesizers (3), Jiri Hjort - bass (2, 3) and Dr Space - synthesizers, which of course helps. We've got three long jams in 54 minutes. "Nero" starts off as a weird, sort of alternative reality Western soundtrack where alien cowboys fly and cows have antennas and stuff. After ten minutes the track finds a new direction and gets groovier. Very cool! "Al Pesto" is a slow, melancholic track that brings to mind some classic stuff by Pink Floyd (or even 70's Rainbow!). Might also work for the end scene of some Italo Western where everybody but the sad hero are dead or something... Great vibes, nevertheless, and something different from OSC as far as I can remember. Lovely guitar work and the organ sound is lovely. Of course the trcak evolves and turns into something Santana might have done in 1972. The longest one is the 21:12 "Gamberi" that starts off softly in Pink Floyd style. Later on they kick in some speed and get really energetic. Very nice playing by everybody! All in all, this is a great CD by this excellent improvisational jam group, get it while you can.