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maanantai 29. tammikuuta 2024

Doctors of Space - A Change of Labcoat

 Doctors of Space Music (DOS-006)

Yahoo, a new album by the spacey doctors from Northern Portugal! The good doctors Space and Weaver and here helped by their assistant Hasse Horrigmoe on guitar, mix an mastering on the third track. I like the title of the albun that maybe refers to the fact that Martin Weaver is not playing guitars or bass in this project anymore, just drum machines and synths. Scott gets to play his new toys Hammond XB-2 and Mellotron, and they sure sound great. Of course modular and other synths are also operated to reach the full out-in-space experience.

We have five, long and improvisation-based instrumental tracks that sometimes have repetitive, hypnotic grooves and sometimes just float in the ether in trippy, experimental and ambient way. "Forward Thinking" even sounds like primitive techno... I love every moment of it so 70 minutes go in a flash. The sound is really great, I think. Very cool stuff!


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