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keskiviikko 7. helmikuuta 2024

Jupiter - Uinumas


 Uinumas is the fourth album by this great Helsinki based heavy progressive psych rock trio. I have been following them since the beginning and it's been an interesting journey. At least to my ears they have a style of their own but obviously they also have their influences. I guess it's safe to say they have gone into more progressive direction with this new album, but some of it is pretty heavy too. They have progressed as musicians and the vocals are getting bette rand better too. 

There are seven tracks on the album. The A side ("Relentless", "Lumerians" and "After You") follow each other seamessly forming a very nice, constantly changing arch. The energetic bass line of "Skylined" at the start ob side B brings to mind Rush. No synthesizers though, sadly... They would fit in perfectly. "On Mirror Plane" is had more energetic bursts as well as more tranquil parts in good mesure. It strange thet the band's songs seem longer than they actually are. Not because they are boring, on the contrary, bacause they are always evolving and changing with only some parts showing up again. That makes it hard to really get to know the music, but obviously there will also be more to dig into in time. Some Kingston Wall vibes flow by for a moment, and soon the album is finished after some full-energy blasting. I will need to listen to this many times to really get into the bottom of it, but I can honestly say that it's a great and interesting album with lots of talent! Release date for the LP limited to 300 copies is 29.2. and you cab pre-order NOW!


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