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torstai 22. helmikuuta 2024

Dr Space's Alien Planet Trip Vol 7 - Space with Space III

 Self-released (OSC 2023-LSO18)

Okay, this is the seventh Dr Space's Alien Planet Trip album and the third with Norwegian bass player Hasse Horrigmoe. Dr Space (Scott Heller) plays synths, Mellotron and Hammon organ. The almost 70 minute albun has six long, very hypnotic, repetive and monotonous instrumental pieces. There are no beats, just some sequencers/arpeggiators give sort of rhythm at times. A simple bass line is often repeated to infinity with spacey synth sounds going all over the place. Mellotron and Hammond offer some variety. Some people might find this boring, but it gives a very weird, other-dimensional vibe that I enjoy! This is definitely not for you, if you want pretty melodies and standard song stuctures, but if you enjoy more abstract and out-there soundscapes you should definitely check this out. Extra points for the amazing cover design by Dave Graham! The CD is a limited edition of 100 copies. 

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