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tiistai 13. helmikuuta 2024

Empty House - The Golden Hour

 Echodelick Records / Worst Bassist Records

The Golden Hour is the second solo LP by Fred Laird (ex-Earthling Society, Tara's Bulba, Artifacts & Uranium etc.) under this monicker. Fred has also recorded quite a lot of stuff for my psychedelic project Astral Magic. There are also a couple of tapes and a CD(-R?) I have not even heard. Unlike on Mushin (Echodelic Records 2022) that had three long, ambient pieces, The Golden Hour includes nine shorter tracks that are more in the vein of latter day Earthling Society stuff. So, experimental and World music /folk oriented but also more krautrocking. And I love it!

Fred plays guitars, bass, bouzouki, Turkish saz, organ, piano, harpsichord, pennywhistle, percussion, drum programming, samples, synthesizer, coral sitar, Hulusi, PO133 Street Fighter and electronic tanpur while Nick Raybould just adds djembe and shaker on "Invisible JuJu". The album has a wird, otherwordly and esoteric vibe, and although the instrumental tracks are relatively short they surely form their own universes. The sound is not too polished but rather home-grown that adds a charm of it's own. There's a wonderful loner psych vibe going on throughout the album and a suitable amount of variation on the music. My only worry is that it is already too late to find a copy of this lovely album since it seems to be very limited edition but I will start searching right NOW!

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