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maanantai 26. helmikuuta 2024

Soft Hearted Scientists - Waltz of the Weekend

 Fruits de Mer Records (winkle 50)

The magical Welsh psych folk/rock/pop band Soft Hearted Scientists is back! The recordings of this triple LP started already in 2019 but lots of things happened in between. I've been a big fan of the band for years so was really thrilled when Fruits de Mer announced this release somtime last year. The CD version of the album was already released last year on The Hip Replacement but this version has four extra tracks, most of them pretty long (especially "Waltz through the Weekend" at 16:42!).

Like always, the Scientists conjure up a magical combination of wacky, whimsical humour, simple but highly effective melodies and psychedelic soundscapes in the best tradition pioneered by The Beatles, Syd's Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, the Stones and many other masters. The sound is still pretty modern and really great. Spreading 16 tracks to 3 vinyl albums is big task but the Soft Hearted Scientists really pull it off. I just love every moment of this album and I can play it several times in a row, no problem. There are some faster songs but mostly we get moody, melodic and atmospheric stuff with great harmonies and beautiful vibes. I've got no difficulties in understanding why Fruits de Mer's Keith is so much in love with this band since so am I... Totally mesmerising stuff and of course highly recommended. 

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