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torstai 22. helmikuuta 2024

New manifestations in the Astral Magic universe


 It's been a while since I last told you about what's going on with Astral Magic. Since the release of Sacred Mysteries CD (still available!) there was the very limited lathe-cut 7" Virtual Fixtures / Kinder der Sonne on the Irish label Fuzzed Out & Astromoon. A side from the album We Are Stardust, B side a previously unreleased kraut oriented instrumental. Like before, it sold-out in few minutes.

Then I put out the second 7" lathe-cut single recorded with the Kultti-25 guys in analog studio: Mind Eater / Lurking in the Dark. Only 50 copies made but some still available so be fast! It's a heavy Hawkwind worship thing...

On the 1st of December something really special was released... I've been in contact with ex-Hawkwind singer Bridget Wishart for years and reviewing some of her releases but now it was finally time to work with her on an album! Ad Infinitum is a progressive space rock album that also features Vince Cory and Lauri Kajander on guitars. The CD includes the previous single as bonus tracks. The first 100 copies were sold out in a month but we now have the second pressing available from our Bandcamp site. Fresh news is also that a limited LP edition of 100 copies with new cover design is now on pre-sale in the US! Just be fast to get a copy as they are going fast.

This year's first release was The Hidden Way CD-R limited to 50 copies. As you know I've been working a lot with Shane Beck The Last American Poet. This album has several tracks that I have made for his solo albums as well as one compilation track and several brand-new ones. Musically it is more electronic and experimental but very psychedelic! It seems people have liked it since I only have two copies of the CD-R left, so again, act fast if you want it!

End of Time is an album that was already recorded in 2020-21 and planned as a successor to Magical Kingdom on Tonzonen Records. Since this never happened, I thought it was now time to put it out on my own!  It's a cool progressive and psychedelic space rock/pop thing with lots of input by the excellent Jonathan Segel on guitars, violin and mandolin. He also mastered the album again for maximum quality. As usual, only 100 CD's were pressed and for some reason lots still available over here!

I bet many of you are familiar with the author and psychedelic musician Paul Roland, right? He sent me some of his CD's and books about the occult for review years ago, so I sort of got to know him. Been a fan for years, of  course. It was still a bit of a surprise when he suddenly contacted me and said that he wanted to make psychedelic space rock with me! Well of course I was in. Within a week or two we had a five-track EP together. Again, Jonathan Segel joined in for some electric guitar, violin and viola, thanks for that my friend. I also want to express my gratitude for the amazing Andy Wainwright who does most of the Astral Magic art nowadays. Contact him if you need some cool psychedelic designs! The creative collaboration with Paul went so smoothly and fast that I'm sure this was not the end of it. 150 copies of the EP have been made on CD and they wil be released on the next Bandcamp Friday March the 1st. There is also a new T-shirt design and plans to also put four of the tracks on a limited edition 10" lathe-cut so follow the Astral Magic Bandcamp site regularly for updates... Check out the EP teaser video for now.

Over and out...

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