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maanantai 26. lokakuuta 2015

Dj Astro's Top Ten album list at the moment...

This is what I've been mostly listening to:

Dungen - Allas Sak LP + CD
Monster Magnet  - Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux) 2LP
Jussi Lehtisalo - Maisteri LP
Golden Void - Berkana LP
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - The Night Creeper 2LP
Giobia - Magnifier LP
Various Artists - Stay Holy! LP
Saturnia - Muzak LP + 7"
The Heads - Time in Space 2LP
Steven Wilson - Transience 2LP

torstai 22. lokakuuta 2015

New Astral Visions Radio Show online now!

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Astral Visions Radio (show #60)

Astral Visions Radio Show - Music from Psychotropic Zone, is hosted by DJ Astro


Unimother 27 - "For Mad Stray Dogs Only" (from Frozen Information)

Deep Space Destructors - "Journey to the Space Mountain" (from Spring Break from Space 10” EP)

Seli Seli – “Puoliautiomaa” (from Puoliautiomaa)

Abyssion - "Vihreä Llekki" (from Luonnon harmonia ja vihrea liekki)

Sabbath Assembly - “Sharp Edge of the Earth” (from S/T)

Beautify Junkyards – “Lake” (from The Beast Shouted Love)

Us and Them - "We Are Sacred" (from Summer Green and Autumn Brown)

Arnold Fish - "The Battle for the Crown" (from In the Land of the Elephant Blues)

Mark and the Clouds - "For All Diamonds to Shine" (from V/A: A Seance at Syd’s)

Sendelica – “Manhole of the Universe (Live)” (from Live from the 7th Psychedelic Network Festival)

Golden Void – “Astral Plane” (from Berkana)

The Bevis Frond – “I Blame the Rain” (from Example 22)

Monster Magnet - "Cobras and Fire (Hallucination Bomb)" (from Cobras and Fire -The Mastermind Redux)

Hills - “Frid" (from Kollektiv)

Jess and the Ancient Ones - “The Equinox Death Trip" (from Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes)

Theodor Bastard - “Aion" (from Vetvi)

The Hare and the Moon - “Bard of Eve" (from V/A: A Seance at Syd’s)

Mind Over Mirrors - “Calling Your Name" (from The Voice Calling)