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tiistai 6. kesäkuuta 2023

Øresund Space Collective - Everyone Is Evil

 Space Rock Productions (SPR080)

Okay, this is the new album by improvisational psych/space rock jam band Øresund Space Collective. I've been following them since their start in 2006 and have most of their releases. Since Dr. Space moved from Denmark to Portugal things have slowed down a little but the band still tours and records albums. This is the first album to come out of recent (September 2022) studio sessions from Dr. Space's new studio, but for sure not the last! Like it always is with jams, sometimes the plot is a bit lost, but when all the band finds the spark and follow the clues of others magic will happen.

The title track is a massive, over 60-min jam that starts out rather slowly and it takes some time to find its form. For the 2LP edition it is divided into three parts. I'm really enjoying myself for most of the ride! Thinks get more progressive and on-your-face on the second part. There is a certain sinister feel about it, maybe that's where the name comes from. Then I get some early 70s Gong vibes which is great. The fourth track is called "Everyone Is Good (Maybe)" and starts with a cool ambient soundspace. It stays very atmospheric and beautiful, and I enjoy it very much. The 2CD version also has two bonus tracks not available on Bandcamp or other digital services. There is also some more experimental stuff in there... The stellar cast of musicians also this time features Luis Simoes (Saturnia) on guitar which is great. Astral Magic fans will love to hear Jonathan Segel play guitar and violin! The great artwork is by David Graham as usual. Check this out!


maanantai 5. kesäkuuta 2023

Le Mur - Keep Your Fear Away from Me


 Keep Your Fear Away from Me is the fourth album by Bochum, Germany-based trio Le Mur. I have previously reviewed their third album that was released  on Clostridium (check it out here). This time the band have produced the album on their own without a label backing, which is just as fine. It's available  both on limited vinyl (300 copies) and CD from the band.

Like before, I have some difficulties in describing the band's music. As a trio, their sound is often rather minimal with just drums, bass and guitar with vocals. There is also some saxophone and the first of the four long tracks called "Praetarium: ...the Past Will Be Perfect" also includes spoken word samples by J. Khrisnamurti giving in a more spiritual vibe. We also get some occasional bird-song etc. on the second track.

The B side opener also has some synth sounds and  is a bit heavier as well. Lots of saxophone in there too. Then it's time for an acoustic part with some more vocals and bird-song and then some synths. J. Khrisnamurti samples also make a come-back! The last track rocks out a bit more which is cool. Still some weird and pretty minimal going towards the end. I don't understand why there is no guitar if there is keyboards or sax, just bass, drums and one lead instrument. To me this keeps the trcacks sounding like demos more than finished songs. But many people like simpler arrangements so maybe that's it. The sound in itself is good, though.

The band says they are inspired by Camel, The Doors, 70s Miles Davis, Sonic Youth, Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, Tool, Anathema etc. but I don't really hear any of those echoes here. Perhaps this is just a bit more primitive version, I don't know. Check it out yourself! You can order both the LP and CD for just 20€.