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perjantai 24. lokakuuta 2014

Alunah: Awakening the Forest

Napalm Records (NPR 561)

Alunah is a cool and tasty doom metal band from the West Midlands, UK. On their third album the band gets deeper into slow, heavy and gloomy traditional stoner doom with not as much psychedelic aspects as on their previous album White Hoarhound (2012). The opener "Bricket Wood Coven" has a very nice, bluesy stoner doom vibe that I really like. The female vocals are perfect for the repetitive, slow and heavy music, and we also get some solo guitar. There's got to be some solo guitar in doom metal, if you ask me. The doom boogie "Heavy Bough" is a bit more melodic bringing to mind Saint Vitus, Reverend Bizarre and also Jex Thoth. Very nice! The title track is slower again, and surprisingly atmospheric, harmonic and melodic. The track "The Mask of Herne" is pretty cool as well, and the long "Scourge and the Kiss" has a groovy, almost grunge-like basic riff. "The Summerland (Bonus Track)" is the longest track on the album and starts off in dreamy, peaceful manner, and stays slow but gets heavier along the way. This is a beautiful, melancholic heavy metal ballad, I would say, and a good way to end this great album. Worth checking out!

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