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lauantai 25. lokakuuta 2014

Dj Astro's playlist @ Supermassive Festival, Tavastia 23. & Semifinal 24.10.2014


Tavastia 23.10.2014

Om: Addis Ababa (Alpha & Omega)
Sleep: The Clarity
Tangerine Dream: Ricochet Part One
Master Musicians of Bukkake: Arche
Dead Skeletons: Dead Mantra
Ship of Fools: Guidance Is Internal
Lamp of the Universe: Lotus of a Thousand Petals
White Hills: Dead
Farflung: Endless Drifting Wreck
White Manna: I'm Coming Home
Eternal Tapestry: Wholedome
Saturnia: I Am Utopia
Monster Magnet: Cyclops Revolution
Loop: Black Sun
The Spacemen 3: I Love You (Remix)
Moon Duo: Sleep Walker

Semifinal 24.10.2014

Stay: Rainy Day, Mushroom Pillow
Vibravoid: Eye Shaking King
Alison O'Donnell: Day Is Done
Roky Erickson: White Faces
Salem's Pot: Ego Trip
Mana Mana: Maria Magdalena
The Dandelion: Here Comes Love
The Black Angels: Diamond Eyes
Earthling Society: Tortuga
Superfjord: The Great Vehicle
Giobia: Orange Camel
Verma: Hologrammer
The Cult of Dom Keller: Plague of All
The Janitors: Here They Come
3rd Ear Experience: Shaman's Dream
Can: I Want More
Eat Lights Become Lights: Velocet Vir Nesat
Ashra: Sunrain
Vibravoid: Colour Your Mind
The Cosmic Dead: Drone Rivers
Chrome: In a Dream
Kingston Wall: We Cannot Move
Hawkwind: Psychedelic Warlords
Led Zeppelin: Whole Lotta Love

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