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keskiviikko 9. heinäkuuta 2014

The Spacelords: Synapse

Sulatron Records (st1403)

I have really enjoyed the three previous self-released albums (two studio CD’s and one live CD-R) by this psychedelic space rock trio from Southern Germany, so it’s really nice to also get a cool limited vinyl album by them! Their drummer is also now playing in Electric Moon, and here Marcus also uses his voice a bit, although the music is almost instrumental. Other members are Klaus on bass, synthesizers and effects and Hazi on guitars and effects.

The album includes just four long, jamming tracks. The title track starts off the LP and is at first quite spacey and floating although groovy somehow reminding me of 90’s UK space rock gods Ship of Fools as well as the Ozrics. The track gets a bit heavier in the middle and there are also some more progressive passages. A very nice opener! ”Sitarguitar” begins in a very tranquil and ethereal mood but the slow beat is added rather soon. You can chill out for about six minutes but then things start to happen… ”No 2” has lots of synthesizers and this is another very nice, mellow and hypnotic track that strangely but effectively uses the melody from ”Song of the Volga Boatmen”, a well-known traditional Russian folk song, at the end. The LP ends with ”Pyroclastic Monster” that also has some manipulated voice by the drummer. I’m even getting some Hawkwind vibes later on, when the track speeds up and starts to really rock out, great! I really like this band, check them out. They will get you somewhere out there…

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