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torstai 17. heinäkuuta 2014

Harvest Bell: Wheel of Foretaste EP

BloodRock Records (BRRCD016)

Harvest Bell is a cool stoner/doom/hippie rock band from Turku, Finland. They have been around for many years, but this is only their second EP. We can expect the debut full-lenght soon, which is great. This band has something more to offer that your average stoner/doom/70s hard rock band. In addition to all the usual heavy Black Sabbath riffs they have a great singer and sense for melody and atmosphere. This EP includes three new tracks and they are all winners if you ask me. The limited 7" version only has the two first songs and the cover is in different colour. "Salutation" is the first track and it's at first quite traditional, slow/mid-tempo doom metal with great, clean and melodic vocals. Just when you start to thing that something else should happen, they speed up and start to rock out more. Now I'm reminded of Witchfinder General which is great! There's also a bit of psychedelic touch in there. "Afterglow" is a melancholic, atmospheric piece that also has acoustic guitar and some keyboards. The track gest heavier towards the end. This one has an excellent mood, I really like it. A shorter rocker is added to the CD version: "Too Hard a Habit" is a more straight-forward 70's hard rock track that really kicks ass. Think of Blue Cheer or something like that. All in all, this is a very promising EP and I'm definitely looking forward to the full-lenght.

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