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tiistai 1. lokakuuta 2013

Samsara Blues Experiment: Live at Rockpalast

Electric Magic Records (EMCD.03)
This is the first live release by this German heavy blues and stoner/psych rock band that features Terraplane guitarist and singer Christian Peters and three other guys from the Berlin underground circles. They’ve also got a couple of studio albums and some EP’s out. This live album that was recorded at Harmonie, Bonn, on October 24 2013 and released on April the 25th this year really rocks and has eight live cuts with great sound. The album ends with an acoustic studio version of the opening track “Singata Mystic Queen” that must be one of their oldest songs. This is heavy shit with lots of fuzz/distortion and dual guitar riffing plus soaring solos. The band uses for example sitar, acoustic guitars and synthesizers in the studio, but this is pure heavy, stoned rock’n’roll & blues. Some of the tracks are more adventurous and psychedelic, like the wonderful “For the Lost Souls”. They play most of the songs from the debut album and three tracks from the 2011 album Revelation & Mystery. Christian has a powerful voice too, so this really is a strong live album that kicks ass and is limited to just 500 copies on CD. Check out the whole gig below!

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