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tiistai 8. lokakuuta 2013

Mooch: Stations of the Sun

Promo CD-R
Here’s a new Mooch album written, recorded, arranged, mixed & mastered by Steve Palmer in 2011-2013. On Stations of the Sun Steve has gone pretty soft and atmospheric taking in lots of (modern) classical music elements and (sadly) loosing most of his psychedelic influences. So this is definitely not space rock, psych rock, kraut rock, ambient, experimental or any kind of rock music, but beautiful, often quite melancholic and melodic music that might be entertaining during the chilly Autumn/Winter days and nights. Lyrically, Steve’s music is still very much inspired by paganism, nature and the seasons. Steve has two wonderful singers to help him out, Beck Sian and Shelagh Teahan, and especially the later one sounds very classically trained. The female singers (Beck in particular) and the classical elements definitely bring to mind the band Renaissance, which is not a bad thing I guess. Steve plays all the instruments by himself (with the imaginary Erich Z. Schlagzeugh on drums and percussion that were actually programmed by Steve as usual…). The album has eleven tracks that are all quite short (2:41 to 5:15 minutes to be exact). “Come A-Maying” is a bit more upbeat track with more programmed drums and even some of the old psych vibes. There are a couple of folk oriented tracks with acoustic guitar which is good. “Fred Barleycorn” is whimsical, 60’s oriented baroque pop and also has vocals by Steve. Most of the tracks are still very peaceful and mostly have just keyboard orchestration and vocals. Quite a different album by Mooch but I still like it.

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