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keskiviikko 21. joulukuuta 2016

Lamp of the Universe - Hidden Knowledge

Clostridium Records (CR 023)

Craig Williamson's one-mand psych band Lamp of the Universe from New Zealand has been one my favourites since the first album came out in 2001. His mystical, spiritual, laid-back, hypnotic and highly psychedelic soundscapes are just the kind of music I like relax to and float away with. It's wonderful that he has found a new home for high-quality vinyl versions of his albums at Clostridium Records in Germany. No wonder then, that his latest outing Hidden Knowledge is one of the best albums in 2016 for me.

Hidden Knowledge includes just four long tracks. The very hypnotic and repetative "Space Craft" captures us for over 13 minutes, and you can sense the presence of the highly evolved extra-terrestial beings. Amazing! "Mu" is a melancholic and beautiful praise for the lost continent and takes us back there in spirit. "Dawn of Nebula" is a great, atmospheric instrumental that also has some old Berlin-school ambient vibe. Very nice! The longest track "Netherworlds" is over 14-minute-long and what an excellent, floating and charmingly beautiful trip it is! Just close your eyes and let Lamp of the Universe to carry you to mystical, wonderful places you have probably never dreamed of before. Again, there are several different limited vinyl editions available. I naturally bought the die-hard version on amazing splatter vinyl including a poster and a slip mat... As far as I know, there is no CD version of this one. At least Craig hasn't sent me one like usually nor is one mentioned on Discogs or Craig's Bandcam page. If you don't buy vinyl, you can always buy the digital version from the Bandcamp site. Very much recommended!

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