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perjantai 20. helmikuuta 2015

Earthbound Machine: Messengers of Deception

Ulterior Records

This one-sided 12" EP is the first vinyl release by Helsinki-based doom/stoner/grunge/metal band Earthbound Machine. All the three tracks are on one side and the other is etched with the somewhat unusual cover art. Cool. I have previously reviewed their Hungerland CD EP (2013) and I liked it. This vinyl EP was released last year and includes only previously unreleased tracks. "Broken" is a slow, heavy and doomy opener. The powerful, melodic singer is quite different to most of the modern doom metal bands sounding more like Soundgarden or if I really try to find something in similar in doom circles, maybe Solitude Aeturnus. Not bad, huh? The track is very powerful and gest a bit more energetic later on during the guitar solo. This is a great song with cool riffs and rhythms and will make you headbang during their live gig for sure. "Oblivious Mind" start off with a slow, doomy bass line by Jussi Myllykoski (also a member true doom metal heroes of Lord Vicar), and here the singer remains me of Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains but the music is much more brutal and heavier, of course. The vibe is very gloomy and dark, and there are some cool hooks and middle parts to keep you interested. The title track "Messengers of Deception" is also mostly slow, gloomy stuff, but starts to rock out a bit more at times. This is a great, heavy band and a cool EP, check them out!

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