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tiistai 9. joulukuuta 2014

The Legendary Flower Punk / Drory: The Time, The Place

Flower Punk (FPR 006)

This CD/download release is a collaboration of two Russian experimental duos: The Legendary Flower Punk and Dvory. These friends got together for a studio jam session on 21st of September 2014 at Boiler Records studio (St.Petersburg), and the end result is one, over 60-minute-long improvised track including two guitars, trumpet, keyboards, noises & percussion. The whole piece is very minimal and ambient in nature, and you really have to focus to truly notice all the little nuances and variations that are going on. The trumpet is playing quite an important role at times playing little melodies or giving a more freak-out free jazz vibe. The guitars keep a steady but light riff going on in the beginning, but later on the track almost evaporates into the ether. You really have to listen carefully but when you do, this is actually a very enjoyable and psychedelic experience. It's better to turn up the volume, dim the lights and relax, and just let the these weird soundscapes take you away from your normal reality. Try it, it's worth it! You can download this for free but please support the artists if you can. 

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