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keskiviikko 17. joulukuuta 2014

Hakfan # 41

It always saves my day when the postman brings me the latest issue of the Hawkwind fan magazine Hawkfan. Issue 41 comes with a quite different cover where you are supposed to find the surnames/second names of 43 musicnauts and 1 fanzine publisher from the letter grid. Cool! This time Brian Tawn concentrates on the 50th birthday celebrations of Hawkwind frontman Mr. Dibs, Hawkwind's Bedford Corn Exchange concert on 30th September 2014 and an eleven-page Damnation Alley, where he this time goes through the recent vinyl reissues. Oh joy! As always, the mag is a true labor of love and written in a very warm, intimate and lovely style. There are 24 pages, some cools pics, all in black and white as always. Those who are familiar with Hawkfan know what they will get and if you are a fan of Hawkwind you definitely should check this out. Price, including postage, £1.80 within the UK, £2.80 the rest of Europe and £3.50 elsewhere, by Paypal to

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