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torstai 25. joulukuuta 2014

Best of 2014!

Best 20 foreign albums this year:

Balduin: All in a Dream
Camera: Remember I was Carbon Dioxide
Chrome: Feel It Like a Scientist
Doug Tuttle: S/T
Electric Moon: Mind Explosion
Eternal Tapestry: Guru Overload
Goat: Commune
Gong: I See You
Kosmischer Läufer: Volume Two
Morgan Delt: S/T
Mugstar / The Cosmic Dead:  Split
Monster Magnet: Milking the Stars - A Re-imagining of Last Patrol
Papir: IIII
Polska Radio One: Cosmos Inside
Radar Men from the Moon: Strange Wave Galore
Temples: Sun Structures
Tor-Peders Kapell:  Brev Från Ederstorp
Verma: Sunrunner
White Manna: Come Down Safari
Woodsman: Woodsman

Best 10 Finnish albums this year:

Circle: 6000 km/h
Deep Space Destructors: III
E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr: Spiralo
Mr. Peter Hayden: Archdimension Now
Nightsatan: Nightsatan and the Troops of Doom
Octopus Syng: Reverberating Garden Number 7
Plain Ride: Skeleton Kites
Seremonia: Ihminen
Siinai: Supermarket
Superfjord: It Is Dark, But I have This Jewel

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