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maanantai 22. joulukuuta 2014

Sula Bassana / 3AM: Disappear / Waves

Headspin Records (MEXS 006)

This is a limited split LP with Sula Bassana (aka Dave Schmidt) from Germany and 3AM, a solo project of Chino Burga from Peruvian psych rock band La Ira de Dios. 3AM has one LP out on Levitation Records but I have not heard that. Sula Bassana, I'm sure, is familiar to our readers! Sula has three tracks on his side (A), starting with the long (10:36) "Disappear". The track slowly builds up but stays in a pretty ambient, mellow state including soft electric guitar, fretless bass, Korg and Moog synthesizers, Mellotron etc. His beloved Komet Lulu also delivers some nice, dreamy and quiet vocals later on (as well as the cover art). A motorik drum beat is added after the seven-minute marker. Wonderful! At under half that long, "Grong" is a cool, rather dark and minimal instrumental. Then we still have the six-minute floating, droney and ambient "Smoof" that is perfect for dreaming and meditating with.

3AM starts off with "Speedway to Heaven" that brings to mind Suicide with its restless beat. Chino uses guitars, vocals, loops and drones on his side to a great effect I got to tell you that. I'm also reminded of Spacemen 3, for example. "Moonrise" has a steady beat going on and lots of psych guitar (fuzz, tremolo..) and Wooden Shjips / Moon Duo like monotonic vocals and psychy solo guitar work. Very repetitive and hypnotic stuff, and I like it! Also "Run Through the Jungle" has a steady, pounding drum beat loop and monotonic vocals but the guitar sound is more 60s psych on this one. Finally, we've got one long (10:24), droney instrumental piece called "Waves" that is made with just guitar I think. There were quite a lot of delays with this LP, and there is also a version with the LP labels being on wrong sides of the vinyl by mistake... A future rarity, perhaps? A very nice album, anyway. 


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