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torstai 11. joulukuuta 2014

Krautzone / Lamp of the Universe: Superkraut / The Doors of Perception

Headspin (MEXS005)

This is an interesting split LP for sure: it features the German underground super group Krautzone and New Zealand's lone astral traveler Lamp of the Universe! Krautzone gives us two eleven-minute space/kraut jam excursions entitled "Superkraut I" and "Superkraut II" recorded on New Year's Eve 2013. This smells strongly of late 60s / early 70s Kraut pioneers like Amon Düül I & II with its shamanistic percussion work, repetive bass, psychedelic fuzz guitar, droney organ and spacey electronics and I love it. Both tracks are instrumental and totally improvised and take you on a one-way ticket to space. The second one is more laid-back, cosmic and airy. Very nice!

On the Lamp of the Universe side there's only one long (22:14) track called "The Doors of Perception". I think we all know where the title is from... And this trippy psych masterpiece really can open those doors, even without mind-altering substances. It starts off pretty quietly and in ambient way with some spacey synthesizers reminding me of Tangerine Dream or Schulze. Before the eight-minute marker we get some folky, fragile acoustic guitar and bass and the dreamy, mantra-like phased vocals join in as well. Gentle melodies and sitar enhance the otherworldly vibe. As usual, the effect of the music is highly meditative and uplifting. Later on the track moves into Pink Floyd in Pompeii vibes with slow drums and electric lead guitar added. The bubbling space effects give extra boost too. Just wonderful! The track gets more intense and heavier towards the end, what a great build-up. All in all, a must have for all psych heads and definitely one of the best split releases this year.

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