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tiistai 17. kesäkuuta 2014

Jakob Skøtt: Amor Fati

El Paraiso Records (EPR016LP)

Amor Fati is the second solo album by Causa Sui drummer and visual artist Jakob Skøtt. While Causa Sui’s music is usually more like heavy psychedelic/stoner rock, Jakob’s solo debut Doppler was focused on sequencers and synthesizer drones. The fully instrumental Amor Fati still has lots of synths and sequencers, but it also features bombastic, groovy and funky drums and is much more energetic and powerful. It’s a sort of combination of early 70s cosmic music and modern day technology and I love it!

“Mantis in Lace” is one of the most Tangerine Dream sounding tracks but still has a character of its own and the drums get pretty wild along with the hypnotic bass synth pattern. “Synthemesc” sounds a bit more modern and is more synth oriented. The pretty long “Araucaria Fire” is one of my favourites and has s cool, Latino styled percussive groove, bass synths, groovy organ sounds and lots of freaky noises. Excellent! Another groovy number and highlight is “Eastman Oyster” that also has more melody. On “Omega Oscillator” things get more cosmic and spacey in the Berlin School style and I like it a lot. No drums or percussion on this one. The title track “Amor Fati” has some free jazz elements thrown in and is rather psychedelic and a bit chaotic with all the freaky stuff it has. “Earth of No Horizon” is a rather ambient, New Age styled synthesizer piece to chill out to. A very nice way to end this great album! Warmly recommended.

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