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tiistai 17. kesäkuuta 2014

I Will Kill Chita: Before We Disappear

R.A.I.G. (IWKC03)

I Will Kill Chita is a new instrumental progressive post rock band from Moscow, Russia, and this is their second album. The line-up and instrumentation on this CD is pretty vast including drums, percussion, noise, keyboards, guitars, electronics, cello, bass, violin, viola, French horn, tuba, trombone and trumpet. The beautiful, emotional, melodic, mostly peaceful and melancholic music has elements of neo-classic music and art rock, but I’m mostly reminded of post rock bands. This is not that deep, raw, and powerful stuff than GSY!BE or the off-shoots, but rocks a bit in a while too without getting really heavy or oppressive. There are seven tracks on the CD that all are pretty good and interesting. “Hard Times” and “Young Heroes” are the long pieces, the rest are within the normal song length. The playing and production works very well, although I don’t really find anything totally special or spectacular on this disc. Having said that, I’m still sure most post rock fanatics will really like this stuff and I also find IWKC rather pleasant and soothing.

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