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maanantai 2. syyskuuta 2013

White Sails: S/T

Regal Grabomophone (Winkle 11)

Okay, this time Fruits de Mer / Regal Grabomophone is giving us some Black Sabbath covers… Interesting! Before you are totally drooling for some ultra-heavy riffs and doomy vocals, let me point out that the Sabbath songs covered on this 7” by multinational new project called White Sails are acoustic, peaceful and instrumental. “Laguna Sunrise” from Vol. 4 surely isn’t one of Black Sabbath’s most well-known tracks, but I have always enjoyed it. Here Finnish brothers Ville and Jaakko Vilpponen and Leigh Gregory from San Francisco make a slightly extended, pretty and nice version that even has some drums, bass and slide guitar but not the strings of the original. Acoustic guitars are of course the main emphasis. It’s very nice, although nothing that psychedelic over here. Especially on “Fluff” (that originates form Sabbath Bloody Sabbath) the acoustic guitar work is excellent, and there’s also some keyboards and distant electric guitar, and the track grows in a nice way towards the end. I like this even more.
On the B side we’ve got two original tracks that are pretty much in the same vein, so mainly acoustic and laid-back. First there is “The Answer” written by Ville, and I like the melodies and slight Pink Floyd vibe on this one. Leigh’s “Death on a Pale Horse” is more folky and traditional in nature, but more orchestrated and very enjoyable as well. This might be one of the less psychedelic releases on Fruits de Mer / Regal Grabomophone, but it’s still nice stuff so get it while you can.

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