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tiistai 17. syyskuuta 2013

Paradise 9: Take Me to the Future

P9Recordings (P9CD009)
The self-labelled space-core / psychedelic / space-rock /post-punk / ambient band Paradise 9 have been around for several years now and they have also released a few CD EP’s on their own, but this is their first full-length album. One reviewer described their sound as Hawkwind meets Joe Strummer and he pretty much hit the nail there. Although some of the songs sound more like The Stranglers of something. Especially the vocals sound rather punky most of the time, but the music is rather spacey and psychedelic. I’m reminded of Nik Turner’s old band Inner City Unit or the 90’s space-core band Omnia Opera who have recently reformed. Paradise 9 are equally able to write punky, energetic and rocking songs with social or political messages (“Digital Signs”, “Nothing for Tomorrow”, “State of the Nation”, “Is This the Time”) and beautiful, melodic space ballads (like the amazing “Crystalized Moments”, that’s one of my favourites, the instrumental “Ocean Rise” and the optimistic, wonderful and semi-acoustic “Distant Dreams”). They also play around with dub and reggae (“Kosmonaut”, the Gong-like “Times like These”).
One of the highlights is the long, hypnotic jam track “Point of View” that sounds like something that Hawkwind might have done in 1976-1978. I really like the space synth sounds that are all over the album. The lead singer/guitarist Gregg McKella also plays some very nice clarinet which adds a lot to some of the tracks. The guest musicians include the late, great Judge Trev who apparently helped the band a lot before he sadly passed away a few years ago as well as Trev’s old ICU band mate Nik Turner (ex-Hawkwind), who plays sax and flute on the last, 12:27-long song called “Take Me to the Future” that’s pure psychedelic space rock bliss after its ambient beginning. Amazing! I really advice you to buy this album and also check this band out live, preferably at some great U.K. festival during the summer season…

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hei Psyko kiitos paljon ystävällisistä sanoista ja kommentit!
    Toivomme todella päästä yli Suomen yhden päivän ja tehdä joitakin keikkoja.
    Fabulous arvostelu!
    Hyvää sinulle ja sinun!
    Gregg & Le Pazzers

  2. See them at The Jackdaw Festival next August