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maanantai 2. syyskuuta 2013

Stay: Mersey Beat

Regal Crabomophone (Winkle 10)

The Spanish psychedelic rock group Stay recently played at the Fruits de Mer All-Dayer at London’s Borderline and their brand-new 7” includes one original and three cover songs from the 60s. I’m happy to say that their own, groovy song “Mersey Dream” that starts off the EP is just as good as the old covers. Just think for example of Deep Purple’s “Hush” and you are pretty close to the excellent combination of organ, wah guitar, powerful bass, irresistible beat and superb vocals that “Mersey Dream” offers us. ”Guess I Was Dreaming” by The Fairytales is a perfect example of how amazing, melodic psych pop/rock songs they could write in the 60’s and Stay makes the song as their own with a very lysergic attitude. Then we get to hear some more familiar stuff, a version of ”I See the Rain” by The Beatles and also that one has a nice, psychedelic charge. Marmelade’s ”I See the Rain” is again a rarer treat and this version ends the EP in a nice way sounding a bit like The Bevis Frond, for example. This is a great single and it’s just been released so you can still get a copy if you hurry up!

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