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torstai 5. syyskuuta 2013

Jack Ellister: Dawn Dream Club

Fruits de Mer (Crustacean 40)
I was first introduced to Jack Ellister from the Netherlands though his previous progressive psych rock band Yordan Orchestra and last year he released his first solo single on Regal Crabomophone / Fruits de Mer. For this second single he has chosen three great psych pop songs from the 60s / early 70s. First, we get to hear his version of the mystical The Beatles song “Within You, Without You”. This is a bit faster and not as Eastern-tingled as the original, but a very nice version that sounds different but still has a similar laid-back, sleepy vibe. Well done Jack! There’s also a short, more psychedelic reprise of the same song. Then we get something more folky, when Jack does his version of the beautiful Mark Fry piece “Song for Wild”. This is very peaceful and tranquil, mostly acoustic stuff. He ends the 7” with a bit more rocking touch: a rendition of Syd Barrett’s “Flaming” sounds just superbly whimsical and mind-blowing at the same time as it should! A very nice Pink Floyd cover. Just get this 7”.

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