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keskiviikko 18. syyskuuta 2013

Jahrtal: Reprisen und Instrumentalstvecke

Merlin’s Nose Records (MN 1005)
This is a CD-R release of a very limited tape that was originally released on Sloow Tapes in 2009. I have not previously heard about Jahrtal but it’s mostly a solo project by Ewald Spiss from Germany. He has released underground music since 1999, it seems. The music is very fragile, beautiful, timeless and acoustic psych/neo/minstrel/acid folk with a strong nature vibe. There are 18 tracks (some bonus tracks) in 54 minutes, so most of the pieces are quite short, but they flow into each other forming a very enjoyable, soothing whole. The main instrument is guitar, but there are more stringed instruments like (perhaps) mandolin, banjo, zither, sitar, violin and some organ, harmonium and effects, bird-sing etc. There are lots of nice, tender melodies but also plenty of heady drone. I enjoy this album very much, and I’m sure so will you if you like stuff like In Gowan Ring. This music will take you to the middle of a forest and recharge your inner energy. We do need that from time to time.

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