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torstai 27. maaliskuuta 2014

The Movements: Like Elephants 2

Crusher Records (CRCD024)

Okay, here we’ve got the second part to the Like Elephants 1 released last autumn by this great garage psych rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Both volumes were recorded around the same time and really complement each other. This band really has sense for good melodies and their music just gets more and more captivating. This is not the most psychedelic stuff you get to hear nowadays, but it’s really good, inventive, interesting and fresh music that touches your soul and that’s what matters the most.

“Six Feet Under” starts off the album in a melancholic and melodic way. This reminds me of TSOOL, a very nice track… “Stolen Love” is even better, and uses a melody line from “Paint in Black”. This one sticks into your mind in a nice way and makes the cold shivers go through your spine. Excellent! “Ice Cold” is a semi-acoustic ballad where the excellent singer is perhaps not at his best. “Give It to Me” is a powerfully pounding simple piece, and “Everybody Needs Something” one of the most potential hit songs reminding me of "Live for Today" performed by The Lords of the New Church in the 80’s (but originally by the 60’s garage group Grass Roots). This one was already released on a 7” with one song from Like Elephants 1. After ten seconds of silence we get the slow and nice “Redemption” that has some country elements like slide guitar. “Yesterday, Now & Forever” is a fast rocking garage pop song that makes you want to dance, and “Like Elephants 2” a darker, droney and psychedelic, meditative piece that I like a lot. The longest song on this album is the wonderful “Winter’s Calling” that has some of the best vibes of 60s psych pop and rock sounding a bit like The Byrds. Later on it locks into a hypnotic, fuzzy groove that melts your mind. This is a masterpiece! Then we only have left the slow and mellow, organ-driven “What Would Happen If I Tried” that ends the album in a very nice, sort of Spacemen 3-like manner. Well-done boys!

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  1. 'Like Elephants 1 & 2' will be released on vinyl, together, in North America this May from Sunrise Ocean Bender Records //

  2. 'Like Elephants 1 & 2' are now out together, as they should be heard … from Sunrise Ocean Bender Records /