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perjantai 28. maaliskuuta 2014

Roadburn Festival 2014: timetables and our DJ slots!

Oh yes, DJ's Astro & Jugh (Psychotropic Caravan, Slip Inside This Club etc., Finland) are returning to the amazing Roadburn Festival once again! What an honour to be part of this celebration of the riff. We will be spinning psychedelic/spacey/doomy/motorik/progressive etc. discs EVERY DAY from Thursday to Sunday (the traditional Afterburner) as follows:

Thursday: Stage01
Friday: Green Room
Saturday: Stage01
Sunday: Green Room

Please come and say hello if you feel like it! It might get quite crowded and sweaty at times, though...

Below you can see the timetables of all stages, our DJ areas are marked in purple. We just can't wait to experience Roadburn again, it's always a highlight of the year!!!

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