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torstai 8. maaliskuuta 2018

Astral Visions #78 Mixcloud Show now online!

Okay space birds, the first show of 2018 is now finished and online:


  • 1 I Can't Be Found (from Celebration Of A New Dawn) by Black Lizard
  • 2 Ara Pacis (from Baptistina) by Heaters
  • 3 Suuliekki (from Suuliekki) by Sammal
  • 4 Scarlet (from Scarlet Fever) by Green Seagull
  • 5 In A Ghetto (Feat Capra Informis, from Our Mother Was A Plant) by JuJu
  • 6 Roaming Shores (from The Reset) by Secret Saucer
  • 7 Cucumbers from Mars (from Stunde Null) by Mind
  • 8 Land of the Sun (featuring Gabriel Minnikin, from Recondite) by Dead Sea Apes
  • 9 Electrified Sky (from Mind Minerals) by Carlton Melton
  • 10 Cabalgan los Cielos (from S/T) by IAH
  • 11 Elephemeral (from Mountains & Reminiscence) by Spaceslug
  • 12 The Drop (from Vibraciones Doradas) by Causa Sui
  • 13 Earworm (from Droneverdose) by The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol
  • 14 Etsijan elinehto (from Toinen toista) by Malady
  • 15 The Raven Prince (from Samas Antaral) by In The Labyrinth
  • 16 Hymn To Pan (from Crowley And Me) by Star Sponge Vision
  • 17 There Will Be Waste (from S/T) by The Final Age
  • 18 Magic Bohemian & Mystic Nuns pt. 1 (from Either The Fragmented Body Or The Reconstituted Soul) by Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
  • 19 From The Corner Of My Eye (from From The Corner Of My Eye) by Us And Them
  • 20 An Empire In Its Glory (from Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace) by Alison O'Donnell
  • 21 Spectral Death Zone (from The KYVU Tapes Volume II) by Demian Castellanos

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