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tiistai 4. huhtikuuta 2017

Astral Visions # 72 now online

Check it out over here:


1 Perfect Patterns (edit, from Amen 3) by Mikko Joensuu
2 In a Coil (from Stoner Garden) by Kikagaku Moyo
3 South of Bermuda (from Devil's Labyrinth EP) by Moonwagon
4 Spandau (from La Grande Bellezza) by Sounds of New Soma
5 A Love Supreme (from Live in Copenhagen) by Causa Sui
6 Staring at the Fainting Goats (from Lilacs Out of the Deadlands) by Sendelica
7 National Drone (from Alive at Roadburn) by Hills
8 Ternion (from At Your Surface by Floorian
9 Lahja (from Lahja) by Sakset
10 Stop Mute Defeat (from Stop Mute Defeat) by White Hills
11 Red Cloud (from Choose Death) by Black Magic Six
12 Fear of All (from Horn Ur Marken) by The Janitors
13 Does Love Die (from Rites of Passage) by Sabbath Assembly
14 Kokoti Dust (edit, from Dust) by Mt. Mountain
15 Afterglow (from In a Brown Study) by Soft Power
16 Farewell, Farewell (from Fading with the Dwindling Sun) by Us and Them
17 Gathering Light (from Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin) by Julia's Haircut
18 Dark Path (from S/T) by Cozmic Corridors

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