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torstai 30. huhtikuuta 2015

Spurious Transients: Planet Cantaloupe EP

Self-released (SPTRCD002)

This is a promo CD copy of a forth-coming 7" EP by Spurious Transients, a Welsh band started by Gavin Lloyd Wilson (guitar, bass, electronics) and now also featuring Paul Williams (guitar, bass, electronics), Jake Caswell (drums and percussion), Jaamie' Sen (lead and rhythm guitar), Doug Bransden (saxophone) and Phil Harris (sitar and tanpura). I just reviewed the band's debut full-length CD last month, check it out here. This new EP includes three instrumental tracks combining kraut rock, prog, psychedelia, electronica and jazz to a pleasant, atmospheric and uplifting mix. First we've got a new track called "Planet Cantaloupe" that starts off in a mellow, soft way, but starts to rock out a bit more after one minute. It has a jazzy, jamming mode that I really enjoy, and sitar and tanpura also add in some ethnic colours. Great! "Gitarau Cosmig" is more guitar-oriented (digital, acoustic & Ebow guitars), a bit folk-rocky piece that also has comic, swooshy synths and drums. Very nice. The EP is finished with a two-minute "Planet Cantaloupe (Reprise)" that brings to mind the hazy moments of Gong... The band will play at Fruit de Mer's / Sendelica's The 13th Dream of Doctor Sardonicus: A Festival of Psychedelia in Cardigan, Ceredigion, Wales this summer and hopefully the 7" will be ready by then! Gavin is also a part-time member of Sendelica and if the EP cover seems familiar it might have something to do with the fact that it was made by Morvenna Richards who has also produced several Sendelica album sleeves and gig posters. If you wish, the band has some copies of this promo CD for sale on their Bandcamp site already.

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