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perjantai 17. huhtikuuta 2015

A new psych club starting in Helsinki on 24.4.: Club Mathmos!

Club Mathmos is a new music club in Helsinki focusing on different kinds of psychedelic music. The first club night is on 24.4.2015 and takes place in Side Club, that is located inside Pub Pete on Hietaniemenkatu 7. Side Club used to be called Dark Side before the renovations. The club opens at 21:00 and closes at 03:00.

On Friday the 24th, we will have four live bands, two of them duos.

 -Hazard Wings
Psychedelic, punky hybrid of The Stooges, MC5 and Hawkwind!

- Ghost Of Jack Nance
Noisy, harsh and primitive alternative/shoegaze rock in the vein of Jesus and the Mary Chain.

- Mysterose Garden
Deep, beautiful, spiritual and meditative ambient music for the New Age psychonauts.
Experimental duo that even we don't know much about...
Dj Astro wll be playing some great psychedelic rock.

Tickets (at the door only): 6€ + door money.

Get in through Pub Pete.

Here's the Facebook event link.

You are all welcome!!!

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