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keskiviikko 6. toukokuuta 2015

Vincebus Eruptum #19

Okay boys and girls, it's time for another issue of Italian heavy-psych music magazine Vincebus Eruptum! As always, this is a professionally printed, glossy and colourful little zine in English with many interesting interviews and album reviews. The great cover art is by Kabuto. First there is an interview with my old pals The Linus Pauling Quartet from Houston, Texas. Davidew knows his business and starts the interview with great questions about the Houston psych scene of the early 90s (Houston Schlong Wessel, Mike Gunn etc.) and it's very educative to learn more about that scene. And it only gets better! Charlie (guitar, keyboards and vocals) always gives a totally crazy, funny answer while Ramon (guitar and vocals) and Clinton (guitar and vocals) have some more sense in their answers... A funny read for sure! And when Davidew realised that the band had no way of releasing their new, forthcoming album on vinyl he offered to release it on his own label! That's heavy psych history done on the spot.

Then there's a cool interview with Ben Ward from Orange Goblin who gives straight, honest answers about the new album and their music in general and how he feels after 20 years of OG. What a great guy! Victor Griffin is of course a legendary guitar player who has been active in the doom metal scene for 30 years, but this new interview with him concentrates on his latest activities like re-joining Pentagram, the new album they are making right now, the All Your Sins - Video Vault DVD. Other topics include his band In-Graved that made an album while Victor was away from Pentagram. A very interesting read. Fantasyy Factoryy is a German psych/prog rock band that I don't know that well so it the interview with the main man was enlightening for me. Rome-based new heavy psych band Killer Boogie is next. This is a collaboration between members of Black Rainbows and The Wisdom and a tribute to late 60s proto-punk/hard rock scene of Detroit. Check out their hard-rocking debut album!

My Sleeping Karma presents the more spiritual, atmospheric side of heavy psych and I don't think I've ever read many interviews with them before. What an amazing band, I'm so happy they supported Monster Magnet on their European tour a couple of years ago! Ides of Gemini is a band I had never even heard before, but they are on the Neurot roster. The review section includes some interesting reviews off releases by bands like Acid King, Sendelica, Atomic Workers, Colour Haze, Domo, Sula Bassana, Black Rainbows, Amenra, Mr. Peter Hayden etc. This mag is a must-have for any self-respecting heavy psych fan!

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