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keskiviikko 6. toukokuuta 2015

Hawkfan #42

It's great that Brian Tawn nowadays seems to be able to finish a new Hawkfan zine every six months or so, since there definitely are enough Hawkwind fans who prefer a hard copy magazine to just reading about their favourite band online. And I also love the fact that the outlook of the zine has pretty much remained the same since the beginning albeit some technical improvements... It still has that home-made, DIY charisma, freshness and love in it!

This time we get a lengthy (but not a bit boring) write-up of Brian's experiences at Hawkwind gig at Sheffield City Hall, March 3rd 2015 that fills up most of the mag. The live pics (yes, still in black and white of course!) are by Mike Hood and probably better than usual. This is a very in-depth and detailed story and once again you almost feel like you are living and sharing the experience with the fans that actually were there in person. What a great gig report! We also get an eight-page Damnation Alley that this time for example has lots of recent Hawkwind bootlegs, including several 7" singles. There's so much out there for a Hawkwind collector to buy that it's driving me insane! And many bootlegs are limited to just 50 copies or so... Good hunting! Also included is of course the new 11-CD collection This Is Your Captain Speaking... Your Captain Is Dead - The Albums and Singles 1970-1974. As usual, the Hawkfan #42 costs just £1.80 within the UK, £2.80 to the rest of Europe and £3.50 outside Europe by Paypal to Get you copy a.s.a.p.!

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