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maanantai 25. toukokuuta 2015

Zone Six: Love Monster

Sulatron Records (st1504)

This is the first studio album in 11 years by German improvisational space/kraut/psych/trance rock band Zone Six, if you don't count the 2012 split album with Vespero from Russia. The band was originally formed 18 years ago, and they released their great, eponymous debut album in 1998 on Early Birds label. Nowadays only founding member is Dave Schmidt (originally on bass, now on drums), while other musicians are his partner and Electric Moon bassist Komet Lulu, guitarist Rainer Reef (The Pancakes) and synth wizard Martin Schorn aka Modulfix, who has played in Zone Six for around ten years when ever they have put out a live show. All four also form the new, cosmic kraut rock sensation Krautzone (with 50% different instruments), but this stuff rocks out a bit more I think.

What we've got here are four great, brand-new, instrumental and improvised tracks with perfect sound quality and spacey vibe. The title track "Love Monster" comes first and it's 15 minutes of mid-tempo, rather heavy and highly hypnotic space rocking that forces you to bang your head. I love the very fuzzy, sharp guitar tone, and Lulu and Dave have a nice, groovy thing going while the synths deliver the spacey atmosphere. Very nice! "The Insight" is a bit lighter, repetitive and droney track that grows along the way but very slowly and gets heavier by the end. "Acidic" has lots of freaky effects on the guitar and a steady rhythm section and cool synths sounds. The album is finished with the over 15-minute "Cosmogyral" that starts off peacefully and in a beautiful mood. Things get more fuzzy again in a couple of minutes, of course... This one has some hot solo guitar work and cools down again towards the end. A very nice trip for sure! I'm so glad that Zone Six released another studio album after lots of live releases and luckily this album is also released on limited vinyl by Deep Distance! Warmly recommended.

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