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lauantai 8. helmikuuta 2014

Dj Astro's playlist @ Dubrovnik, Helsinki, 7.2.2014

Mmoss: Another Dream
The Holydrug Couple: Follow Your Way
The Dandelion: I Turned On as You Turned Around
The Black Angels: Holland
Giobia: Orange Camel
Aphrodites Child: Aegian Sea
Temples: Colours to Life
Morgan Delt: Barbarian Kings
Lumerians: Dogon Genesis
Permanent Clear Light: Harvest Time
Soft Hearted Scientists: Mount Palomar
Jack Ellister: Within You Without You
Stay: Guess I was Dreaming
Crystal Jacqueline: A Fairy Tale
Baby Woodrose: Nothing Is Real
Moon Duo: Sleepwalker
Föllakzoid: Trees (Moon Duo Remix)
Hawkwind: Psychedelic Warlords
Saturnia: I Am Utopia
Tame Impala: Elephant (Todd Rundgren Remix)
Gong: Flying Teapot (A Sacred Rhythm Extension and Cosmic Overdub)
Uhrijuhla: Avaruuden Lapsi
Aphrodites Child: The Four Horsemen
The Dead Skeletons: Dead Mantra
Chrome: Blood on the Moon
Magazine: Definitive Gaze
Mana Mana: Maria
Uncle Acid: Mind Crawler
Vibravoid: Eruptions of the Green Sun
Deep Purple: Hush
Black Sabbath: Paranoid
The Doors: L'America
Roky Erickson and the Aliens: Two Headed Dog
Christina 23 Onna: Fantastico
Hidria Spacefolk: Cycloop
The Cosmic Dead: Gustav Björnstrand
Kosmicher Läufer: Tonband Laufspur
Master Musicians of Bukkake: Arche

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