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lauantai 24. kesäkuuta 2017

Vago Sagrado - S/T

Adansonia Records (AR 016)

Vago Sagrado is a Chilean psychedelic rock trio from Santiago. This is their debut album and first put out on tape in 2015 by ETCS Records. It was finally released on vinyl by Adansonia last month. I really enjoy the band's warm, fuzzy, heart-felt and free-form take on making psychedelic rock with the classic guitar-bass-drums combo. The seven songs herein are pretty simple but work out great.

The instrumental "La Alfombra Debajo del Océano" starts off and ends with some ocean sounds and is mostly dreamy, slow and hazy stuff but also rocks out faster in the middle. I'm somehow reminded of early La Ira de Dios stuff. "Take Back the North" has cool spoken word and beutiful instrumentation but gets louder and noisier later on. This is not excatly stoner rock but gets close. One of the best tracks is the hypnotic and spellbounding "Hermanos" that has vocals in Spanish. Very nice! "Sacred Bum" and "Circo" are another two great, dreamy, sunburned acid rock jams with spoken vocals. The next track is the instrumental "Reprise" that rocks faster almost in krautrock/post-punk vein and I'm enjoying the ride. The album is finished with the slow and heavy instrumental "Mojo". All in all, this is a great album with some excellent playing by a tight and inventive trio that can make the usual rock instrumentation and psych rock tricks sound inventive and fresh. Excellent vibes, check this out!

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